Site explanation:

Note from Natasha:

I’m assuming you’ve found this site because I directed you to it to see samples of my online journalism work…

During my Journalism MA at City University, London, I did an ‘Online Journalism’ module. For this we were put in groups of 4 and we had to choose one mutually-agreed topic to write about so that we could create a group website. My group chose Burlesque (I would have preferred Travel or Wildlife but we all compromised to agree on a topic none of us strongly objected to).

Each of us then individually needed to create 8 different types of content about that one topic (i.e. 32 online entries in total between the four of us). These were all put on our group website – .

Since that website may be left to expire, I have taken my 8 contributions and put them on this website. This website is for potential clients to see examples of my writing, videos and of the kind of online journalism content that I can create for them. (It is also easier for you/clients to navigate this website and find my work than to try to find my contributions on the group website).

Even though the topic (burlesque) may not be relevant to you or your company, the skills needed to create this content can be just as easily applied to creating content about other topics which are relevant to your industry or needs. (You can then use the articles, videos, etc, on your website or, for example, publish text articles in magazines, etc).

The 8 different types of content that we needed, and which I have posted to this website, are:

  1. An audio-visual interview.
  2. A video interview which I conducted, filmed and edited.
  3. Curation –(YouTube Burlesque playlist).
  4. A guest blog / Community-driven content.
  5. A data story.
  6. An info-graphic / visual content.
  7. Text interviews (I did two).
  8. A LiveBlog (blogging live from an event –text, tweets, videos, photos, etc).

If you would like to see any kinds of writing work, not on this website, please email me and I can send on samples. You can also see my general writing website for various samples.

Ps: If you are just a burlesque fan who’s stumbled across this website -feel free to read on too!